Strongpositive is a body positive fitness and lifestyle community.

We believe that fitness comes in many shapes and sizes. We exercise to celebrate what our bodies can do, not to punish ourselves for what we ate. We eat healthy food to fuel our bodies up to do rad shit, not to get skinny. We think that living a full, active life is way more important than numbers on a scale. We know that we can love ourselves, even as we’re working to change ourselves.

Strongpositive looks to neuroscience and philosophy to transform the way we exercise and live.

We spend a lot of time talking and thinking about how to live our best lives. Our brains are a source of nearly unlimited power, and if we learn how to use them to our advantage, then we can be unstoppable. We strive to lead examined lives and always be improving.

Strongpositive is here to help you become more badass.

Here, you’ll learn about building physical and mental toughness, overcoming your fears and doubts, getting out of your own way, and becoming the most rad version of yourself.

Come join us. You belong here.